February 19th 2012-02-06-Opportunity of a lifetime
February 17th 2012-01-09-The Certainty of the universe
February 10th 2011-12-19-What is that
February 8th 2011-11-14-Their First Kiss
February 3rd 2011-11-08- Escape
February 1st 2011-10-30- The First Meeting
January 27th 2011-09-17-Secrets and Promises
January 25th 2011-09-04-The immortalised
January 20th 2011-07-16- Scrype gets immortalised
January 18th 2011-06-26- Acceptance
January 13th 2011-06-13
January 11th 2011-06-06- Unspeakable acts
January 6th 2011-05-29- The formation of the Ultras
January 4th 2011-05-24- Departure
December 30th 2011-05-14- Remembrance
December 28th 2011-05-02- Page 100
December 23rd 2011-04-16- Page 99
December 21st 2011-04-09- Reminiscient
December 16th 2011-04-05- Bad news
December 14th 2011-03-26- Whats in the box
December 9th 2011-03-12- Bittersweet news
December 7th 2011-03-05- The inferno of James
December 2nd 2011-03-01- Voice of the universe
November 30th 2011-02-19- He is the certainty
November 25th 2011-02-12- Reclaimation
November 23rd 2011-02-05- Hold em
November 18th 2011-01-29- Personality types
November 16th 2011-01-22- Noooooooo
November 11th 2011-01-16-Did that really happen
November 9th 2011-01-06-The prison guard
November 4th 2010-12-27-Big fights
November 2nd 2010-12-25- For the kids
October 28th 2010-12-18- This will not end well
October 26th 2010-11-15- Enter the void
October 21st 2010-11-11- Bright colours
October 19th 2010-11-06- The beginning of the end
October 14th 2010-10-31- The building in the air
October 12th 2010-10-29- The reaction
October 7th 2010-10-25- The return
October 5th 2010-10-21- Discovery pt 4
September 30th 2010-10-18- Discovery pt 3
September 28th 2010-10-13- Discovery pt 2
September 23rd 2010-09-18- Discovery pt 1
September 21st 2010-09-11- The other meteor
September 16th 2010-08-14-What the heck is that
September 14th 2010-08-07-Finally some humans
September 9th 2010-07-31- Cure all
September 7th 2010-07-24-What are Leeatarans
September 2nd 2010-07-17-What did he just say
August 31st 2010-07-10-Interesting encounter
August 26th 2010-06-09-Immortalisation pt 3
August 24th 2010-05-29-Project Force Rollout copy
August 19th 2010-05-22-Immortalisation part 2
August 17th 2010-05-15-Immortalisation part 1
August 12th 2010-05-10- They cant open doors
August 10th 2010-05-01- Xilef and Nairie
August 5th 2010-04-24- They came from the Skies
August 3rd 2010-04-17- The CHIGON
July 29th 2010-04-10- Arrival
July 27th 2010-04-03- Unbindables Unwound
July 22nd Home once again
July 22nd 2010-03-06- You gotta be kidding me
July 20th 2010-02-04- Troublesome twins
July 15th 2010-01-06- War Closet
July 13th 2009-12-31-Whats he talkin bout now
July 8th 2009-12-09-Oooh Cliffhanger!
July 6th 2009-11-25-Brother
July 1st 2009-11-04-PAGE 50 SPECTACULAR!
June 29th 2009-10-29-Just toss her out
June 24th 2009-10-15-Dying
June 22nd 2009-09-30-Stabby stab
June 17th 2009-09-17- What an Entrance
June 15th 2009-06-02-9 years past
June 10th 2009-05-29- 9 years coming
June 8th 2009-05-26- What just happened
June 3rd 2009-05-22- Needin\’ for a Beatin\’
June 1st 2009-05-22- Needin’ for a Beatin’
May 27th 2009-05-19- Nice power
May 25th 2009-05-15- Home once again
May 20th 2009-05-12- Hating Heights
May 18th 2009-05-08- Enter Amy Carmicheal
May 13th 2009-05-05- Disarming
May 11th 2009-05-01- Project Force
May 6th 2009-04-28- Mr Naut
May 4th 2009-04-24- Plots and Backstabs
April 29th 2009-04-21- Power Virus
April 27th 2009-04-17- Conferencing
April 22nd 2009-04-14- Reunion
April 20th 2009-04-10- He\\\’s Dead
April 15th 2009-04-10- He’s Dead
April 13th 2009-04-07- Someting Stupid
April 8th 2009-04-03- Parents house
April 6th 2009-03-31- Ash
April 1st 2009-03-27- Security Hacks
March 30th 2009-03-24- Guards
March 25th 2009-03-20- Never gonna keep me down
March 23rd 2009-03-17- Processed
March 18th 2009-03-13- Woah Strong
March 16th 2009-03-10- House Arrest
March 11th 2009-03-06- Enter Ecroft
March 9th 2009-03-03- Oooh teleportation
March 4th 2009-02-27- Life and Death
March 2nd 2009-02-24- Preliminary Autopsy
February 25th 2009-02-20- Angel
February 23rd 2009-02-17- What
February 18th 2009-02-13- You broke it
February 16th 2009-02-10- Thats a lot of dead folk
February 11th 2009-02-06- Ouchies are all better
February 9th 2009-02-03- Lots of self Loathing
February 4th 2009-01-30- A truly shocking Experience.
February 2nd 2009-01-27- That Hurt
January 28th 2009-01-23-Crouching Emo, Hidden powers
January 26th 2009-01-20-interns
January 21st 2009-01-16- Objects
January 19th 2009-01-13- RX32A
January 14th 2009-01-09- Whump
January 12th 2009-01-06- Down the Drain
January 7th 2009-01-02- The clue
January 1st 2009-01-01- 3AM
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